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With all of the news on the the lack of physical fitness in America and the related health risks why not start a program at Chang Karate School to improve both your physical and mental fitness.

Benefits of Chang Karate School's for adults program:

  • Fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Self-Confidence
  • Stress Management
  • Self-Defense
  • Weight Control
  • Muscle Tone

Age Specific Children's Classes: (for ages 3 and up)

  • Respect for themselves and others
  • Improved concentration and grades
  • Discipline, and confidence
  • Sportsmanship
  • Self-defense skills
  • Improve Grades
  • Fitness

Chang KarateTestimonials

  • The six plus years of Martial arts training has helped me a whole lot with school, and my life. Martial arts has helped me gain self-confidence a whole lot. It's helped me to warm the class up. I lead the class with kicking and hand techniques sometimes. At first I was nervous to do that, but now it's just a snap. Also, I was just in a play called Annie. If I haven't been going to martial arts, I probably wouldn't have been able to have participated in the play. I probably would've been too scared to because I would've had stage fright. Martial arts has also helped me with being able to be more patient. I was impatient before, I wanted everything as quickly as possible. I never waited for anything at all. I know I was younger then, but my patience is definitely getting better. I've gained my strength in being patient because sometimes when KwanJangNim talks, he pauses and we wait for him to finish his thoughts. My patience would've been driving me crazy. Now I'm able to wait a long time for his opinions. At least once a year I go with my family to Florida to see my grandma. We all drive about 16 hours to get there. I did it, but not as easily as I can now because of my patience. My strengths have also grown. I've grown physically and mentally. Since we do a lot of exercising, warm ups, and pushups, I've grown much more physically in strength. With mental strength, I've been able to concentrate and listen more when I'm assigned projects to do in school. Since KwanJangNim has taught me to listen and concentrate, I've been getting higher grades.

    Thank You

    Gregory B, Horsham PA
  • It is hard to find the words of praise that can adequately reflect our appreciation for our Sa Bom Nim, Master Chang and Mark at Chang Karate. Our daughter Alyssa was born prematurely because of a car accident that we were involved in while my wife was pregnant. As she got older, we found that she suffered from a disability that was a form of Cerebral Palsy called Hemi paresis. This left Alyssa with a limited use and control of her left leg and hand. Being a very determined and gifted little girl, she soon astounded us and especially the medical community with her progress. She "graduated" from her therapies and we were left with finding a private option to continue her physical progress. My wife found Chang Karate and Master Chang in the phone book and we contacted him because of his semi private classes and his experience with "Special Needs" children. After speaking with him on the phone we were instantly impressed with him. He has a gentle manner and way of dealing with children without sacrificing seriousness and discipline. Alyssa has now been at Chang Karate for over two years and has just tested for and received her Green Belt. When she started karate, the doctors told us that she had 30% and 70% dexterity in her hand and leg respectively. Now she has been graded at 50% and 90% ability which is very close to normal ability. In addition, the doctors are very proud of her for strengthening her back muscles as an attempt to stave off Scoliosis of which she has a predisposition due to the Hemi paresis. We know that we owe Alyssa's success and physical improvements to her Karate instructors Master Chang, Mark, and all of the very committed Black Belts who assist in the younger classes at Chang Karate.

    Howard and Michelle C
  • When we first started looking for a karate school for our son, we checked out quite a few places, some more affordable. However, after talking to Master Chang, we soon realized that his karate was really the only school for us. I remember saying to him that signing up seemed like a large commitment for such a young boy. He told us that he teaches more than just karate, which he has. Our son Brian has now been taking karate for 4 years with master Chang. He has achieved his black belt. Karate has helped him in many ways. His mother and I believe his confidence has grown. He gets an excellent physical workout. He has made new friends. We feel the most important thing that Brian has learned is respect. He respects his other karate brothers as well as Master Chang. Even at home, when we have said, what do you think Master Chang would say, he knows if he has stepped out of line. He has learned a sense of accomplishment. As with any sport or activity, practice is important. Three to four times a week is sometimes a lot with school and other activities. Now, after receiving his black belt he knows that the benefit of sticking with something pays off. We are very proud of him and glad we made the choice of Chang Karate.

    from proud parents
  • My son started with Chang Karate School shortly after he turned 6. We had previously noted a lack of confidence in him in the classroom, on the soccer field, and in social situations. Now, 6 months later, he is much more confident, raises his hand classroom situations, and is aggressive (in a good way) on the soccer field. He is increasingly comfortable in social situations. He always comes out of karate class with a smile. Master Chang, and the other black belt instructors, are so encouraging to the children and really show they care, as they increase the children's focus and self-discipline. I would recommend Chang Karate School very highly.

    from Cindy, Hatboro, PA
  • I have been training with Grandmaster Chang since 1989. There is a huge difference between a traditional karate school and one of the franchise ("McDojo") schools. The discipline in our school is what sets us apart from all of the other schools. I had looked at other schools before coming to Chang Karate School, but knew that this was the right school as soon as I met Grandmaster Chang. He knows exactly how to draw-out the best from each student based on their individual physical and emotional abilities. He is wonderful with the children. Additionally, we learn skills that carry over into day-to-day life. All 3- of my kids and 1- of my granddaughters have attended the school. I highly recommend Chang Karate School.

    from Mark Hanisco, Warminster, PA
  • When my oldest son was 6 years old, he wanted to try karate to see if he liked it so my wife and I enrolled him in a 5 week trial at a local school. After 5 weeks, it was apparent that he enjoyed karate but we felt he wasn’t getting much out of the school. Parents were allowed to stay and watch the classes so the children were distracted and the “grandmaster” almost never taught the classes. We decided to start researching other schools before committing to a long-term agreement with the school.

    After researching and visiting a few different schools, my wife and I were in complete agreement that Chang Karate School was the best but we left the decision up to our son since he would be making the commitment. He chose Chang’s and a little over 4 years later he earned his black belt. Grandmaster Chang always lauds my son as one of the hardest working students as he always pushes himself to do better every class.

    A few months after my oldest son started studying at Chang’s, I started to study there as well so I could get exercise and enjoy attending the classes with my son. Four years later, I still attend twice a week with both of my sons and it is not only great exercise but it is great stress-reliever too.

    My younger son looks up to his big brother and wants to be just like him so it was natural that he asked if he could study karate with his brother. Last year, my wife and I decided to let him participate in a couple of classes to see if he would be focused enough to study without disrupting the class as he was only 4 years old. After the classes, Grandmaster Chang felt he would would do well if he continued to study. He was right as, over the last 17 months, we have seen a significant change in his confidence. When he first started, he had difficulty staying focused for a whole class but now he is one of the most focused and serious students every class. Grandmaster Chang is always telling the other students to try to be as serious and focused as my son is in class.

    The bottomline is that there is a significant difference between Chang Karate School and all of the “franchise” schools. Grandmaster Chang teaches every class and he truly understands that each student cannot learn or be taught the same way. He possesses the patience and wisdom to bring out the best in every student, no matter the age or ability. Mark and all of the other instructors also do a phenomenal job with helping the students learn and grow.

    The goal of Grandmaster Chang and the school is simple; teach the art of Tang Soo Do while enabling the students to become disciplined, respectful, and focused. If you are looking for a true karate school, Chang Karate School is the only choice.

    Joe D, PA

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